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FOCUS is a Trusted Partner for Cannabis Licensing Applications

Navigating the complex world of cannabis licensing can be a daunting task. That’s why FOCUS provides quality support and guidance for crafting successful cannabis applications that not only win licenses- but also set cannabis businesses up for a smooth transition into becoming operational. We utilize our expertise and industry knowledge to ensure clients have all necessary accurate and reliable information to make informed decisions that lead them to long term success. Learn how FOCUS is different from other cannabis licensing consultants, and what that means for you.

FOCUS is not a typical cannabis licensing consultant – and that is good news for cannabis businesses looking to make an impact in this rapidly growing industry. We began providing licensing application support at the request of numerous existing clients who had negative experiences working with other cannabis licensing consultants. FOCUS continues to provide these services because we not only win licenses- we also set businesses up for long term success and sustainability at the same time.

FOCUS is a non-profit cannabis health and safety organization with a mission to protect public health, consumer safety and safeguard the environment in the cannabis industry.
Our success in achieving that mission is wholly dependent on building a better industry – and that is how we view our work with each and every client. Our success depends on yours. As it should be.

FOCUS takes a meticulous approach to licensing applications that significantly enhances the chance of winning a license. We present clients with a strong and compelling application that not only meets local and state requirements, but also aligns operations with international standards and regulations. As more and more states are requiring Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and compliance with federal statutes, FOCUS has unrivaled experience in setting clients up to ease into meeting federal requirements based on effective pre-planning.

FOCUS uses our unparalleled knowledge on cannabis standards and quality management systems combined with our first-hand experience opening and operating successful cannabis businesses to bring a unique and proven approach to cannabis licensing that extends beyond the application process. A successful application not only grants access to the required permits, but also helps establish a reputation within the industry. FOCUS helps to build a strong foundation, while positioning clients as reputable and compliant operators committed to creating safe, consistent, quality products. FOCUS offers ongoing support and guidance to help cannabis companies grow and improve in meaningful ways that delight customers.

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