Cannabis Cultivation Committee

The FOCUS Cultivation Committee develops detailed standards to guide cultivators to safe, productive growing. The standard requires the cultivator to demonstrate management responsibility, worker training, production planning, use of propagation material, soil management, irrigation, fertilizer use, pest management, traceability, security, product testing, equipment management, waste management, harvest practices, product handling and worker health and safety.


Peter Maguire

Committee Chair

Peter Maguire has been in the field of contamination monitoring and control for 20 years. As the Vice President of System Applications for Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, Peter has provided contamination control training to hundreds of companies across the Life Science and Electronics industry. Using his experience in clean manufacturing environments he has helped companies identify and solve contamination issues that where costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost product.


Claude Hart

Claude Hart’s has specialized in occupational safety and health for the past 3 year, and has been involved in multiple workplace accident investigations in the construction industry. In his years as Safety Representative for OSHA, Claude worked closely with labor and management groups int eh development of safety training programs and practical hazard controls. Now in private practice in regulatory compliance, safety and health program development and evaluation.


Anthony Trugman

Anthony Trugman has been an accomplished cultivator and commercial grow designer since the inception of Arizona’s medical cannabis industry. He specializes in hydroponic growing techniques that specifically avoid heavy metal nutrient regimes. Anthony also teaches and develops proprietary water and energy conservation methods to support responsible and sustainable practices.


Ben Zvenia

Judge Benjamin Zvenia currently serves as a Pro Tem for the Yavapai-Apache Tribal Court, in AZ and is the Administrative Judge for the Nottaway Tribal Community (Meherrin) in NC. Additionally he is a Pro Tem for the So. Cal. Inter-tribal Court of Appeals. He is a formerly appointed member of the Tribal Courts Committee – American Bar Association, Judicial Division, Special Court Judges Section and a former Vice-Chair of both the Animal Law Committee and the Workers’ Compensation & Employers’ Liability Law Committee – American Bar Association, Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section. He has been Vice Chair of the Labor & Employment Practice Section, and a former Co-Chair of the Health Law Section of the Federal Bar Association. Judge Zvenia has had articles published on topics covering public safety and associated legal areas.


Dan Lameire

Dan Lameire is a seasoned cultivator and extractor operating on the Washington coast between Seattle and Portland. His CO2 Organics Happy Cat Cannabis Concentrates, have won multiple Cannabis Cups serving medical, and now the recreational markets. Dan specializes in natural growing techniques, sustainable production and producing ultra pure, natural terpene extracts concentrating on high health.


Tom Lauerman

Tom Lauerman, more affectionately known as Farmer Tom, began his work with the soil, from age 12 in the landscape construction business for 28 years. Farmer Tom is the most recognizable Organic Cannabis Farmer in the industry, with his brand and likeness. A clean, out door living and organic lifestyle – is his life mission. Farmer Tom is a passionate activist, who has worked with WA state LCB to legalize all concentrates and the first farm and farmer to work directly with any federal agency (NIOSH ).