Cannabis Extraction Committee

The FOCUS Extraction Committee develops detailed standards to guide extraction processors to safe, productive operations. The standard requires the processor to demonstrate management responsibility, worker training and safety, worker practices, sanitary facilities, product safety plan, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan, water quality, pest management, concentrate production procedures, traceability, product security, product and raw material testing, production equipment, waste management, product storage, packaging and labeling, transportation and worker health and safety.


Heather Manus

Committee Chair

Heather Manus is a native of NM, and a RN specializing in all aspects of medical cannabis care. Nurse Heather, is also the founder of the AZ Cannabis Nurses Association, which was responsible for the addition of PTSD to AZ’s Medical Marijuana Act. Ms. Manus is a sitting board member and Chairperson for the ACNA and is a passionate, informed and highly awarded and sought out speaker at Medical Cannabis Symposium’s worldwide. Nurse Heather is a medical advisor for a NM Licensed Non-Profit Producer, and state consultant on the platform of “Love and Compassion!”


Adam Goldie

Adam Goldie is a registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitation and President of Exhale Business Solutions LLC, an AZ based firm consulting in cannabis regulation, botanical extraction, environmental health and food safety. Mr. Goldie joined the AZ DOH in the MED program as a Compliance and Enforcement Specialist, then as the Program Development Coordinator and later as the Environmental Health Specialist for the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department. Adam is a member of the NEHA and former editor for The Outlook.


Frank Horwich

Frank Horwich is the CIO for Tryke Labs of AZ and NV, as well as President of Reef Dispensaries. Mr. Horwich holds 8 provisional registration certificates in NV with expertise in cultivation, processing, extraction, purification and preparation of precisely dosed infused medical products, with an extensive background in plant physiology, cannabis chemistry, testing technologies. Frank is also a software entrepreneur and has extensive International experience in the Financial services industry.

Khalid Al Nasar

Khalid Al Nasar began working in water extracting in California in 2005. In 2011, and was the lead extractor for Delta559 which won first place at the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup. Additionally, Mr. Al Nasar has been working with co2 extractions since 2013, and currently produces the only Clean Green Certified cannabis oil on the market, RawCo2 which emphasizes consumer safety and product quality.


Dr. Michael Anderson

Dr. Michael Anderson has over 25 years of experience in public health research, design and ethics and author of over 50 peer-reviewed papers and presentations. As the CEO and Creator of Accel e-Media and the President and founder of Millennium Health, inc. as well as the Program Director at NCI/NIH. He currently serves as the Board Chair and Human Subjects Protections Administrator of the Federally-authorized Health Media Lab IRB in Washington, DC where he is responsible for the assurance of human subject protection protocols for USAID-funded research projects throughout the world. Dr. Anderson is the Principal Investigator on 20 NIH funded R and D projects in innovative health promoting technologies, Advisory Board Member of AmeriCann Inc and Cafe’Serendipity Inc.


Ryan Abernathy

Ryan Abernathy is co-founder of Xtracted Laboratories and President of X-Tracted Laboratories and their champion brands in the Seattle Medical Marijuana market, producing multiple private label lines for WA’s best growers. Ryan focuses on safe techniques and extractions for patients. Mr. Abernathy has helped state regulators in the emerging recreational market by working with the WA State Liquor Control Board for processing hydrocarbons.

Steve Cottrell

Steve Cottrell grew up in Colorado before the legal cannabis industry emergence. Steve worked for his parents FDA certified laboratory that conducted biological monitoring and infection control laboratories for the medical, dental and tattoo industry. Mr. Cottrell became active in the cannabis space, after the death of his 11 year old son to Lymphocytic Burkitts Leukemia in 1999. In his subsequent research he learned this type of cancer is being successfully with cannabis. Mr. Cottrell currently works for TruCann of AZ, Catalina Hills Care and Open Vape. He is currently working to establish a laboratory for testing medicine for patients, to ensure safety and quality.