Services for Public Agencies

FOCUS offers services to assist public agencies with cannabis program development, implementation, ongoing management and evaluation. FOCUS provides audit training, research, communication and planning support for agency staff, regulators, legislators and non-governmental groups.

Program Management – FOCUS partners with government agencies to develop, implement and manage cannabis safety and quality programs at the federal, state, county and local level. Program options range from statewide management of cannabis safety and quality programs or certification programs, to specialized workshops, custom research and third-party inspections. Our solutions include systems, processes and people to ensure stable, compliant cannabis programs.

Process Design – Standards enhance license application processes, add value to agency audits, investigations and corrective action management, build staff skills and knowledge, and keep staff current on regulatory changes. FOCUS designs processes to help manage cannabis requirements and build credibility for agency programs.

Training Programs – FOCUS provides on-site and electronic training programs to support standards implementation and stakeholder commitment. FOCUS delivers standard programs or will customize a program for your requirement.

  • Auditor Training – FOCUS auditor training and certification gives auditors or contractors the required cannabis safety, quality, regulatory and operations knowledge to conduct effective onsite audits. Our process supports all phases of the audit process including pre-reviews, licensing audits, annual renewal audits, for-cause audits and corrective action management.
  • Risk Assessment – Certified auditors work with your team to develop and conduct an intensive assessment of all risks to your agency, organization or public constituents. The outcome provides valuable information and direction for planning, response and prevention.
  • First Responder Training – Public safety, paramedic, medical and hazardous materials teams learn how to respond to emergencies involving cannabis operations including cultivation facilities, high-pressure processing equipment, chemicals, security protocols and property protection.
  • Consulting – The FOCUS team includes a range of versatile professionals experienced in all aspects of the cannabis business including management, regulatory, cultivation, production operations, laboratory and testing, product management, packaging and labeling, worker safety, security and sustainability. We bring immediate value to any project and will customize a work plan that meets your objectives.

Standards Licensing – Certified standards improve the quality and safety of products and services, and licensing the FOCUS standards demonstrates commitment to a safe, quality cannabis program. Licensing includes management training, technology systems tools, auditor certification, process implementation and ongoing support.

Legislative Briefings – Cannabis laws are changing rapidly, and our extensive network of legislative, agency, legal, medical, lobby, research and industry experts maintains a database of the latest cannabis legislative action. We provide legislative overviews, conduct focused research or host forum events to ensure your organization is fully informed of the current and anticipated state of cannabis.

Facilitated Workshops – In this emerging industry, groups constantly need information, education, planning and networking to meet increasing legislative, regulatory and public demand. Our dynamic facilitators design and facilitate seminars, workshops and other events to meet organization goals and leave lasting value with stakeholders.

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