After more than two years of collaboration, we are pleased to announce the completion of a 30-day Public Review Period – the final phase in the development of the FOCUS International Cannabis Standards.

FOCUS voluntary-consensus cannabis standards are developed with the impartial input and expertise of industry leaders, legislators, government regulators, scientists, doctors, nurses, quality assurance professionals, patients, consumers, first responders, law enforcement professionals,safety organizations, labor unions and many others – collectively referred to as the Standards Development Committee. Committee members, all volunteers, were primarily based in the United States and Canada, with additional input from select international collaborators.

Committee members graciously offer their experience, knowledge and time to support a shared vision for a safe, legal, and sustainable global cannabis industry built upon international quality and safety standards. These individuals, along with the internal FOCUS team, are the heart and soul behind the standards.

FOCUS uses defined processes of documented monthly meetings, special research assignments, topical work groups and collaborative writing required by standards development organizations to product comprehensive, international cannabis standards.

As a required step in the development of voluntary consensus standards, FOCUS Standards undergo a 30-day Public Review. FOCUS completed the public review for Version 1 of the standards in March 2016. According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), public review participation shall be open to all persons who are directly and materially affected by the activity in question and there shall be no undue financial barriers to participation. Voting membership on the consensus body shall not be conditional upon membership in any organization.

By opening the FOCUS Standards Development Committees’ work product for public review and comment, all interested stakeholders have the opportunity to participate and help shape the development of the first, international, voluntary consensus cannabis standards.

A large group of over 100 diverse stakeholders, all volunteers as well, contribute feedback and comments on each line item within the standards. The feedback received is utilized to validate and improve the standards before release for use in the marketplace. Upon completion of the Public Review, all FOCUS Standards Development standards via consensus vote.

FOCUS is tremendously grateful to those who participate in this critical phase of the standards development process and to everyone who contributes to making the FOCUS vision of a safe, legal, sustainable cannabis industry a reality.  The commitment and collaboration of these gracious expert volunteers has produced this incredible, extremely valuable, comprehensive body of work. We are honored and humbled by the continued support and generous donations of time and energy received from so many.