FOCUS is an independent, non-profit, third-party source for the creation of international cannabis standards.

We believe a pro-active approach in the development of standards is not only in the best interest and safety of the public and consumers, but also provides the only clear path to sensible regulation.

For this reason, FOCUS applied to work with the American National Standards Institute, (ANSI) the American body of the International Standards Organization, (ISO), for guidance on development and accreditation of our standards.

FOCUS believes full transparency is the only way for the cannabis industry to ever become a fully legal, sustainable, industry.

The FOCUS Standards are now available for purchase. (Cost: $300). If you are interested in purchasing them for your cannabis business, click here.

This timeline offers a transparent look at the business interactions between FOCUS and ANSI.


  • In 2014, FOCUS submits an application to ANSI to a Cannabis Standards Development Organization.
  • ANSI initially declines the FOCUS application due to the federal illegality of cannabis.
  • FOCUS establishes a balanced stakeholder committee to develop third-party, international, voluntary-consensus cannabis standards.
  • FOCUS begins standards development activities in accordance with ANSI’s Essential Guidelines for Standards Development Organizations.
  • FOCUS engages in ongoing communication with ANSI, providing cannabis education and updates on FOCUS standards development.
  • FOCUS international, third party, quality and safety based, voluntary-consensus standards begin testing within the marketplace. Explore the FOCUS website to learn more about how the standards affect you.
  • Upon completion of market testing of the standards, FOCUS standards will then be opened up for public comments.

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