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FOCUS offers a range of consulting services to help cannabis businesses implement the FOCUS Standards and integrate them into your daily operations. Certification brings the best long-term value because it requires systematic integration of the standards using systems, procedures, tools, training, communication and full worker engagement.

FOCUS Certification – Operate your cannabis business at its optimum and demonstrate quality and safety to your stakeholders with a FOCUS certification. Our onsite certification audit includes evaluation of all standards requirements, a corrective action report and solutions support. The process requires monthly monitoring and annual re-certification.

Standards Consulting Services – FOCUS certified consultants provide vital implementation support to guide customers toward successful certification. Consultants integrate the FOCUS Standards, help customize standard operating procedures and training, and ensure your operation and team are prepared for a FOCUS certification audit. Our consultants are assigned based on specific cannabis experience to ensure comprehensive, practical solutions.

FOCUS Standards Guidance Package – The FOCUS Standards Guidance Package guides an operation toward FOCUS certification and safe, quality, consistent operations. The package includes standard operating procedures and training modules that correspond to FOCUS Standards requirements. The guidance package is only available to FOCUS certification businesses. A business can activate the FOCUS online portal and customize the SOPs and training, or they can contract a FOCUS consultant to assist. The FOCUS Standards Guidance Package includes:

  1. Online FOCUS Portal: We activate a private online standards access portal for all certification customers. The portal provides instant access to the digital FOCUS Standards; an electronic certification workbook to guide your team to certification readiness; customizable SOPs, training and work tools hyperlinked to standards requirements; a state and local database of cannabis laws and regulations with automatic change notification; custom workflows and reminders to prompt managers to complete standards actions; a forms package including logs, report formats and process tools; automatic FOCUS Standards updates; and ongoing document sharing and compliance reviews with your FOCUS representative.
  2. Standard Operating Procedures: FOCUS provides a core set of safety, quality and operational standard operating procedures to augment your operation’s SOPs. Our SOPs correlate with FOCUS Standards requirements and are available via the FOCUS Standards portal and e-document download. Each business can customize SOPs and training to their operation, or FOCUS-certified consultants can assist. The online system automatically emails update notices to managers when regulations require SOP revisions.
  3. Imbedded Training Modules: FOCUS provides GMP, safety and quality training modules linked to standards requirements and imbedded in the online FOCUS portal. The training includes online courses, self-study modules, work instructions, forms and checklists and other learning resources to help businesses develop their training program. The online system logs and documents worker training participation.
  4. FOCUS Pre-Assessment – The pre-assessment process follows the integration of the FOCUS Standards, SOPs, training and other tools with your operation’s existing procedures and documentation. Once complete, a FOCUS staff member conducts a final assessment of the information the business input to the FOCUS Portal including SOPs, policies, work plans, diagrams, logs and other evidence. When a business meets the readiness score, we will schedule a formal FOCUS certification audit. The pre-assessment is included in the certification process.

Training Programs – Engage your team in quality, safety and operations training with our comprehensive, activity-based training programs. In addition to our e-training included in the Standards Guidance Package, we offer standard and custom courses to help you operate with quality, safety and consistency. All courses are delivered in an online, e-training format. FOCUS can also design and deliver on-site training programs and experiences.

  • Security Training – FOCUS security experts provide industry-seasoned training on security assessment and plans, fraud, embezzlement, cash management, dynamic entry, facility protection, alarms and surveillance, personal security, information security, product control and more. Prepare your team to interact with law enforcement, understand their responsibilities and respond to emergencies.
  • GMP Training – FOCUS provides a range of training experiences for your workers, from hygiene training and food safety to record keeping and sanitation. We provide management training on hiring practices, supervisor, harassment, project management and other operational topics. Our activity-based services ensure engagement and retention of learning.
  • Customer Service for Retail – FOCUS provides a full online experience for retail customer service representatives including mystery shopping, safe product handling, customer interface, product specifications, laws and regulations, managing records, handing difficult customers, preparing for potential criminal activity and patient services.
  • Custom Training – FOCUS can rapidly build and deliver on-site, online and self-paced courses that meet standards requirements. Electronic training is hyperlinked to the appropriate requirements in the standards portal and also available separately.

GAP Analysis/Risk Assessment and Third Party Audits – FOCUS certified auditors conduct third-party audits for investors, financial organizations, government agencies or special requirements. We have auditors that specialize in the various aspects of cannabis and business operations.

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