Standards Development Committees

The FOCUS Standards Development Process is the cornerstone of the organization and ensures that all standards are developed in a methodical, documented and transparent way, and affected stakeholders have the opportunity to participate.

Our volunteer standard development subcommittees form the core of the standards development process. Members bring experience and knowledge from industry, regulatory, quality assurance, medical, law enforcement, research, engineering, science, manufacturing, consumers, and patient management to ensure impartial, comprehensive voluntary conformance standards.

Committee participation is open to individuals who align with the FOCUS mission and bring relevant experience and skill along with the spirit and willingness to participate. Members can help develop initial standards development and/or participate in ongoing standards maintenance.



CultivationCannabis cultivation is one of the fastest growing agricultural sectors in the world today.  It involves a combination of farming and science.  The FOCUS cultivation standard covers all aspects of cannabis cultivation, from production plan to harvest practices.  The audit process created by FOCUS includes detailed criteria in sixteen categories to guide cannabis cultivation operations. -up to operational stability, continuous improvement and industry-leading performance. read more cannabis cultivation


ExtractionThe FOCUS Retail/Dispensary Committee develops detailed standards to guide the safe and productive operation of cannabis retail stores and medical cannabis dispensaries. The standard requires the retail or dispensary operation to demonstrate management responsibility, worker training, worker practices, cleaning and sanitation, compliant facility operations, patient and consumer procedures, record keeping, traceability and recall, product testing, product safety, product transfers, pest management, security, waste management, product storage, formulas, packaging and labeling, transportation and worker health and safety. read more cannabis retail & dispensary


ExtractionCannabis extraction produces a range of concentrated products such as hash oil, shatter and wax.  Extraction can also isolate specific cannabis compounds for medicine and research.  The FOCUS extraction standard provides detailed guidance on critical processes such as product purity, safety and traceability. read more cannabis extraction


InfusedThis FOCUS standard details a full range of food and sanitation criteria along with guidelines for manufacturing, storage, processing, product safety, hazard analysis, equipment, testing and other vital aspects .  Edibles, salves, beverages and tinctures can be infused with cannabis compounds to produce a wide range of products, including peanut brittle, chocolate, taffy apples, brownies, dried apricots, lip balm and skin lotion. read more cannabis infused products


SecurityThis FOCUS standard draws on the expertise of law enforcement, security experts, dispensary operators and regulators to define the security guidelines for all aspects of a cannabis operation.  It begins with risk assessment and includes requirements for alarm systems, video surveillance, transportation security, background checks, employee training and general operations. read more cannabis security


LaboratoryThis FOCUS standard brings scientific, technical, government and industry experts together to define the rigid requirements for testing and laboratory management.  Consumers, regulators, medical professionals and researchers can now access certified specifications to validate product safety, compliance and accuracy. read more cannabis laboratory


PackagingThe FOCUS standard defines the labeling and packaging requirements using existing nutraceutical, dietary supplement, and over-the counter standards as a baseline and pharmaceutical specifications as necessary. The development committee adds industry knowledge, design-for-manufacturing specifications, state-by-state requirements, and future packaging trends to the standard to assure robustness, consistent and understandable labels so the consumer is properly informed, and guide businesses toward full market access. read more cannabis packaging & labeling


BusinessThe FOCUS sustainability standard sets guidelines for environmental concerns such as ecosystem management, water use, energy use, chemical elimination, carbon footprint reduction, recycling and waste management.  Sustainability extends viability, employees, community and crisis planning and other factors that contribute to long-term success. read more cannabis sustainability