Strategic Advisory Services

Quality involves, impacts, and engages every aspect of a cannabis operation. Operating a successful cannabis business requires thorough planning and a detailed strategy – with quality as the cornerstone. Many operations overlook the importance of considering quality at every step – a costly mistake that increases costs and extends timelines.

For this reason, it is crucial to consider quality during strategic decision making at the administrative level before any actions are taken. Doing so increases efficiencies, minimize redundancies, and keeps implementation time and costs to a minimum.

Strategic advisory sessions with FOCUS begin by conducting two surveys, one on Executive’s Perceptions, one on Employee’s Perceptions.  These are anonymous surveys; FOCUS does not look at individual responses – only information from the whole group to make decisions. Surveys are distributed via email and take between 10-15 minutes to complete.  All responses are sent directly to FOCUS.

The next step is a conversation with the Executive Team to gain a full understanding of corporate goals and vision, followed by a similar conversation with operations level management.  Through a series of pointed questions and open dialog, FOCUS will assess the knowledgebase and resources within the organization.

These discussions provide the forum for executive and management level teams to gain a basic understanding of quality principals, the importance of considering quality at every step, as well as the impact a quality system will have throughout the organization.  The surveys and strategic advisory calls provide FOCUS a comprehensive view of corporate goals, the current state of operations, and any activities currently underway, allowing FOCUS to determine the necessary steps to achieve the corporate vision and goals. This knowledge is used to develop a comprehensive, customized, prioritized plan for implementation of a Quality Management System throughout organization.


  •  Administer Executive and Employee Perceptions Surveys, gather responses, create reports
  • Conduct Investigative Call with Executive Team to Understand Needs.
  • Execute Investigative Call with Operations Level Management to Refine Needs
  • Document Key Learnings
  • Create list to compare low hanging fruit opportunities with essential needs
  • Develop prioritized Scope of Work Proposal for improvement
  • Discuss SOW with Executive’s on follow up call

*Calls are scheduled at the client’s convenience and conducted in a time frame suitable to the needs of the organization.

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