Our Testimonials

FOCUS offers the Cannabis community the best set of standards for all cannabis operations. These standards provide a uniform, systematic, and predictable methodology to improve products and services in a cost effective and value-enhanced process. Regulators at the Federal and State level appreciate and will adopt these standards. This is the standards system everyone should rely upon.

Stephen Goldner

President, JD RAC Regulatory Affairs Associates

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S.A. With that growth comes responsibility. Responsibility to protect public health, consumer safety and the environment, and FOCUS fills that void. I am confident these Standards will benefit business owners, patients, consumers and regulatory agencies.

Peter Maguire

VP System Applications , Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

It has been an extraordinary opportunity to work with peers from such diverse backgrounds and experiences to create the FOCUS Standards. Through coordination of our knowledge and effort we developed standards for the Cannabis industry where there currently are none. These standards will help Cannabis businesses stand the test of time by operating with professionalism, sustainability and integrity.

Scott Afable

Founder/CEO, Highest Reward

I have been privileged to take my store and staff through the FOCUS certification. With this privilege, I can assure patients and customers alike that they are participating and purchasing through safe, reliable procedures. That is why I have chosen to work with FOCUS – because they continue to bring needed quality and safety based cannabis standards to the marketplace that benefit all.

Brian Caldwell

Manager/Member, Cannabis Club Collective

I’m proud to be working with FOCUS on putting together national standards for the cannabis industry. National standards will help legitimize the industry and benefit companies looking to expand to multiple states.

Bob Eschino

Founder/CEO, Medically Correct/incredibles

As international cannabis policy shifts to legalized, regulated systems it is essential to build a single set of global cannabis standards. FOCUS has created the solution to the industries’ current problem a of costly and confusing patchwork of overlapping and inconsistent regulation by partnering with the brightest minds in cannabis cultivation, science and policy to produce guidelines to create safe, effective raw cannabis product, manufactured goods and consumer care.

Christie Lunsford

Christie Lunsford, Endocanabinoidology

The cannabis industry has a unique opportunity to shift perspectives and to create wholesome products that are a great contribution to people’s well being. It is imperative that as plants are cultivated, processed, infused, packaged and sold -that it is done with extraordinary attention to detail. FOCUS Standards are a foundational element, to ensure that these processes are done with integrity, care, wisdom and insight. It has been a powerful experience working with FOCUS, to ensure this industry is divisive, beyond reproach and to ensure this occurs.

Maureen McNamera

Founder/CEO, Cannabis Trainers